Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dressing For Excess: Fashion For The Big Busted Woman

I'm talking about bra minimizers and breast reduction at the lingerie blog. But I thought it would be worth addressing the other ways to address big busts -- with how you dress. Here are few tips that work really well for me.

#1 Opt for a pretty open neckline, but not a plunging one that draws attention to your cleavage.

#2 Fitted fashions. Even if you wish your waist or hips were smaller or whatnot, wearing a top or dress that's large enough to cover The Girls but drapes like a tent from them (i.e. boxy fashions) just makes you look big everywhere -- with The Girls pointing the way.

The best way to do this? Two words: Princess Seams.

Here's an image of princess seams from Bradley Bayou's The Science Of Sexy, courtesy of Oprah. (Note the neckline too!)

Here's an image from The Knitting Harpy which shows how darts compare to princess seams. (The article also shows how modifying your knitting pattern to suit your shape. If you sew, here's a great article on how to convert a sewing pattern with darts to one with princess seams.)

#3 No horizontal stripes! Not on any blouse, top or dress.

#4 Avoid wearing short sleeves; they tend to end at your bustline, drawing more attention there.

More ideas in this great, but short, video from About.com.

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