Because I value my blog readers (and my own integrity), I do not accept paid postings.

Let me repeat: I do not accept paid postings.

(Sorry I have to sound so negative right away, but these folks are relentless and perhaps unable to read!)

Thank you for your interest in supporting A Slip Of A Girl by purchasing honest and effective advertising and promotional help for your lingerie company, brand, store, books, blogs, and more!

A Slip Of A Girl offers the following advertising and promotional opportunities:

* Button or banner advertisements.

* Standard/hard text links.

* Contest sponsorship/prizes.

* Products for review. (Note: I do not accept samples which must be returned; I include in my reviews how garments launder.)

I welcome your suggestions, too!  Feel free to contact me with your ideas, budget, and needs at

New? No budget yet?  I'm always willing to hear about new lines, designers, artists, shoppes, etc.  Feel free to email me your pitch -- or simply introduce yourself. *smile*

Please Note: Because I value my readership...

* I will not accept ads which pop-up (or under), or for products which are illegal, are scams, or are otherwise considered inappropriate.

* I will not publish canned guest posts, excerpts, "interviews," or other articles which have been, or will be, published elsewhere; my readers deserve original, exclusive content.

Thank you, and have a slippity-do-da day!